pronoun \ˈyü, yə also yē\
noun  od·ys·sey \ˈä-də-sē\
An eventful or adventurous voyage filled with exceptional experiences.
We take people who have a heart for travel, the impact of philanthropy, adventure, and visible change, and bring them to amazing places where they positively impact the local community, and have an excellent travel experience. We seek out local people  and partner with organizations who are focussed on giving a voice to the voiceless and impoverished. 
We create relationships by getting to know people, entering into their community, and giving of our time and resources.
We also believe tourism creates jobs and increases demand for local goods. By responsibly managing our travel activities in an area we can help stimulate the local economy while protecting local culture and traditions. We do this through relationships with local people, rather than through exploitation, in support of local infrastructure.
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